CkbDice LIVE now!

Betting Address


Bet History

BetID Time TXID Player Address Amount Outcome PnL

Betting Rules

  1. Dice outcome range: [0,100)
  2. If the outcome >= 50, you get 1.99 of your bet back
  3. If the outcome < 50, you lose your bet
  4. Min bet: 62 CKB
  5. Max bet: 1000 CKB. Bets exceeding that number will be returned

How to Bet

  1. Do NOT bet from your exchange account! It will cause you LOSS!
  2. Find yourself a CKB wallet. At present we recommend Neuron , BitPie and Cobo.
  3. Buy some CKB from exchanges like Huobi or MXC. Or just mine yourself.
  4. Simply send some CKB to the address at top.
  5. Wait 30 - 60 seconds for the result.